Prism Dusk Playing Cards

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Turn Heads With Stunning Color.

Prism Dusk cards feature bright rainbow designs bursting out of a deep blue sunset background, highlighted by shiny gloss ink. The elegant blue-on-black tactile designs have been custom built from the ground up to be a classy show-stopper every time.


Unique Gloss Ink Makes The Game.

Each unique card boasts a highly reflective layer of gloss ink in a radial sunburst pattern with a slight rainbow shine. Hold them straight on and the cards are beautiful, but let them catch the light and they come alive in your hand!


Make The Party.

Get ready to enjoy your favorite card games like never before! You’ll be glad you didn’t bring the old beat-up cards your Grandma used to play with, because the Prism cards get noticed. PRO TIP: pull these out at Poker night. There is nothing like taking your buddies chips with cards that literally shine!


Quality Trusted By Thousands.

Don’t settle for boring, cheap or low-quality cards: join thousands of Prism fans who LOVE the unique designs on superior embossed casino-grade card stock and world-class printing techniques which help our decks overcome humidity and frequent usage.


Built For Play.

Every card is perfectly aligned and precision cut for superior handling, shuffling and dealing. The gloss ink slides effortlessly over the air-cushioned finish making them perfect for gaming. These were made to play! Make sure to check out the Night and Day editions as well!



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