Do you have an awesome idea and want to bring it to life?

We actively support artists from all across the world to help realize their creative dreams.

If you are just starting out or a seasoned playing card designer, we want to work with you!

- Do you have an idea and don’t know how to go from sketch to print?

- Do you have a prototype and want help launching it?

- Do you need a partner to help navigate importing / logistics?

- Do you need help selling your decks after production?

    Whether it is concept refinement, design assistance, production, logistics, marketing or even taking a deck from concept to completion, we have the experience and capabilities to help.

    IMPORTANT: We do NOT work with just anyone! Read the following carefully before contacting us.

    What you need before contacting us:

    1. A solid deck idea, concept art and/or sketches. The more the better.

      • Be specific and detailed, requests like “a deck with dogs in it” is not enough.
    2. A brief summary of what progress you have made so far and exactly what you need.

      • We want to see things like “I have finished designs but don’t know what to do next”, NOT “I have a great idea, make it for me.”
    3. A good sales pitch to sell us the idea. You need to make us believe your deck NEEDS to be made. If you can back it up with data that is even better.

      • e.g.: “I think this is a great idea because…. I think this sort of people would really like it…”
    4. A summary of your marketing potential. Do you have a social following, email list, backer base, startup funds; what can you bring to the table?

      • e.g.: “I have no email list but I have 500 people on Instagram and 1000 people on Facebook”
    5. A willingness to work. This is not a free ride; you still have to work.

    If you feel that you satisfy the requirements above and want to see how we can partner together, send us an email at: