How to Make your Family Happy (it’s easier than you think)

How to Make your Family Happy (it’s easier than you think)

Snap! You lose. You’re going down Dad.’

Raucous table slapping, fists in the air, joyous cheering. Dads head hanging in defeat, kids whooping in delight.

Is there any sweeter victory as a kid than beating an adult?

Nothing feels more glorious. The triumph is magnificent and remembered for decades to come. There are so few ways to experience that happy family moment. Here at Elephant Playing Cards, we think there’s still a lot of magic to be had in an old-fashioned family games night. Because, when you think about it there is no greater leveler in a family than a deck of cards. Once those cards are dealt anyone can win.

Switch off to feel good

We love technology, we’re in, 100%. We Skype our grandparents, use Siri to read our shopping lists and hooray for Uber Eats right? But when we’re looking at our screens all the time, we’re missing out on something. And our families and friends are missing out on something too – us. The truth is, too much digital time reduces real lifetime. It inhibits genuine friendly relationships and basic things that we as human beings need to be human, like eye contact and banter!

Family Time means Family Time

The good news is you can’t hold a deck of cards and a phone. And a card game teaches us so much in a playful setting. Friendly rivalry, patience, good sportsmanship, taking turns, strategic thinking. It’s an invaluable tool as a memory jogger for all ages. Tricky teenagers or a family in conflict can still be silly and fun and not worry about their other problems. Instead put the focus on getting Dad out in Old Maid and dealing a joker card.

Create Memories

Scientists call it experiential learning, we call it hanging with friends, having fun and making memories that go down in family history. We can still remember a winning hand from Christmas 2006, forever known in Family Lore as the year Poppy finally dealt an Ace.

We’ve designed these intricately beautiful creative cards to help families connect. To switch off their devices and have a laugh together. There’s something wonderful about a pack of playing cards at the kitchen table. A quick shuffle of the deck, the drum of the cards as they hit the surface as the dealer calls out to the house, ‘anyone fancy a game?’