Families that Play Together, Stay Together

Families that Play Together, Stay Together

Do you find that you never see your family? Well, you see them; slumped over their screen on the couch, playing video games in bed, watching the TV in the den, but you don’t get to see see them. You’re all under the same roof. But you’re never together.

Family members are on different schedules, mealtimes are on the run. It’s go-go-go and then everyone collapses into their separate corners. Family time has somehow been whittled down to an annual vacation or Christmas. And you know in your heart of hearts that it’s not good enough, and you desperately want to reconnect with your loved ones as a unit. You want to bring back family time.

Can we suggest games night?

It’s time to whip out a deck of cards and turn the TV off. There’s really nothing like it from a family bonding experience. Everyone is forced to drop the screens, make real eye contact and be together.

It doesn’t matter what the game is to start off; Rummy, Old Maid or War are all good introductory games. All card games involve thinking about others, learning to read facial cues and trying to understand people’s motivations. With Texas Hold ‘em, Gin, Poker, player skills can improve, and the games can get more complicated as can the tricks. Learning how to bluff or count cards can be part of the fun. Card games involve weighing up options, gathering information and waiting for the right time to make decisions. Patience is a virtue and that’s not always easy to practice.

No need for Card Sharks

Playing cards can be an endless source of laughs and teach families how to read each other and learn cues.

‘Mum always scratches her nose when she has a pair.’

‘I bet Dad has an ace, look how he’s sitting.’

It’s equal parts cute and frustrating, but all-round fun.

Different generations can sit and play together, friends can join in. Conversation can flow easily as the deck is dealt. Families that don’t get a chance because everyone is plugged in, can finally check in with one another and unravel the day’s events in one another’s lives.

Deal ‘em in

It’s not just for families, games night is a great way to get together with friends, to turn an evening into an event. A catch up into a special occasion. Computer games just don’t offer that same kind of social engagement. Here at Elephant Playing Cards we really and truly believe in the power of play. That’s why we’ve developed the world’s most interesting playing cards. With all the emotional and health benefits to playing, thankfully we’ve never forgotten why we like to play so much – because it’s fun.