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These are the very limited edition “Prism: Spectrum”; the unique deck printed by MPC with thicker gloss ink than the standard LPCC decks. Only 100 were ever made – highly collectable!

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As part of the Kickstarter campaign for the Prism: Day and Dusk playing cards, we made just 100 of a special deck – Prism: Spectrum!

This incredibly colorful deck is printed by MPC with their high gloss ink all over the tuckbox and card faces, and is completely different to any of the other Prism decks. While the style is similar, the colors, gloss and overall feel of the deck is totally unique!

And best of all, as there were so few copies of this awesome deck, it is the perfect collector’s item!

As most of the decks sold during the Kickstarter campaign, there are very limited numbers of this item available. Make sure to pick one up before they are all gone!

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