Prism: Night Uncut Sheet


Prism: Night Uncut Sheet

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The Prism: Night Uncut Sheet was pulled from the LPCC production line before being cut into individual cards.

The shiny gloss ink layer combined with the colorful and striking artwork make this an attractive display piece, or awesome gift. The sheet measures approximately 22″ x 26.5″ and will shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube.

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The Prism: Night uncut sheet is a striking piece of art which accentuates the shiny gloss ink and bold colorful design in a beautiful custom arrangement. Uncut sheets are where the sheet of printed cards are hand-pulled from the production line before they are cut into individual cards. As such, they are far rarer than the cards themselves, and look incredible.

In particular, the Prism: Night uncut sheet showcases the gloss ink applied to each face perfectly; you can see how incredible the gloss layer looks on the individual cards, can you imagine how good it looks side by side on a piece of art? It’s absolutely stunning. You have not seen an uncut sheet like this; something different and truly a great collectors piece that would look great on any wall.

Uncut sheets will ship unframed. We will take every precaution to safely pack these in sturdy cardboard tubes, however minor scuffs, scratches, or creases may occur at the far edges of the sheets. These blemishes are unavoidable and are usually easily covered after it is framed.

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