Prism: Night PROTOTYPE Uncut Sheet


Prism: Night PROTOTYPE Uncut Sheet

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Super-limited edition uncut sheets of Prism: Night PROTOTYPE. Only 10 of these were ever made, and they are now sold out after the Kickstarter campaign!

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As part of the Kickstarter campaign for the Prism: Night playing cards, we made 30 of the original prototype decks available just for backers (available HERE).  These are Prism: Night PROTOTYPE, and are the original decks printed by MPC with their thick ‘Impressions‘ gloss ink which is thicker and slightly shinier than the regular decks. In addition to this, we released just 10 of these prototype decks as uncut sheets. We still have a few of these left, and are making them available in case you missed them during the campaign (they were not an advertised item).

There are super limited. Each uncut sheet comes securely packaged unframed in a secure cardboard tube. We will take every precaution to safely pack these, however minor scuffs, scratches, or creases may occur at the far edges of the sheets. These blemishes are unavoidable and are usually easily covered after it is framed.

If you ever wanted a classy piece of beautiful art that shines from every angle and draws the eye, this is it! If you wanted a limited edition item that collectors drool over, this is it! If you want to get a huge slice of Prism history, this is it! There are only 10 in existence, and as you’re not getting mine, I suggest you secure yours now!

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