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These are the very limited edition “Prism: Prototype”; the prototype decks made by MPC with thicker gloss ink than the standard LPCC decks. Only 10 made – highly collectable!


As part of the Kickstarter campaign for the Prism: Day and Dusk playing cards, we made just 20 of the original prototype decks available just for backers.  These are Prism: Dusk PROTOTYPE, and are the original decks printed by MPC with their thick ‘Impressions‘ gloss ink which is thicker and slightly shinier than the regular decks. During the campaign 15 of these decks were reserved, but the remainder of these coveted collectors items have made their way back onto the market.

There are very limited numbers of this item available. Each deck comes signed by the creator, and is limited to 2 decks per order. Only 20 of these decks exist, and only a very few remain – make sure to pick one up before they are all gone!

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