Pipmen World Playing Cards


Pipmen World Playing Cards

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Pipmen World is the regular version of the incredibly creative Poker Size Playing Cards in the World’s First 54-Piece Polyptych Puzzle.

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Designed to be fun, quirky and visually interesting, the Pipmen playing cards depict classic stickmen figures interacting in incredibly unique ways with each card’s pips (suit symbols). But they didn’t stop there! What makes this a totally unique, world-first, revolutionary creation unlike anything else ever?

This deck is absolutely unique because while every single card is a fun little self-contained scene, they all fit together into one big picture –the Pipmen world!

You may have heard of a diptych; a picture in 2 parts or a triptych; a picture in 3 parts. Pipmen world is not these – it is a 54-piece Polyptych puzzle.

There have been a few other decks which have had a composite feature, but Pipmen World stands alone. This deck is the first of it’s kind in the world because:

  • Every individual card is a self contained picture.
  • The face pictures are integral with the symbols on the card face, not just an abstract background pattern.
  • All the pictures fit together to form a self-contained single stunning work of art.

Pipmen World Deck Features:

  • Shiny silver foil accents
  • Thick luxurious paper stock
  • Custom Pipmen seal
  • Interior printing (if stretch goal reached)
  • Printed by the world-class Legends Playing Card Co.
  • World first 52-piece self-contained Polyptych puzzle!

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