Pipmen Playing Cards (SHADOW Edition)

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Pipmen Playing Cards are a fully custom, totally unique and absolutely creative deck of cards unlike anything you’ve ever seen! SHADOW EDITION only.

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Designed to be fun, quirky and visually interesting, the Pipmen playing cards depict classic stickmen figures interacting in incredibly unique ways with each card’s pips (suit symbols). But they didn’t stop there! Each court card is asymmetrically illustrated with reversible scenes – so they’re anything but your traditional Jack, King and Queen! Each design is unique, full of creativity and most importantly; still works as a playable deck of cards.

This is for the SHADOW EDITION of the deck only.


  • Printed with Legends Playing Card Company on their Diamond Finish
  • 3 separate decks; Black, Red and limited Shadow editions!
  • Custom Silver Foil Deck Seal (Numbered for the Shadow deck: #1-1000)
  • Interior printing in the interesting Pipmen theme
  • 56 Custom and Unique playing cards (different Jokers for each edition)
  • Unique back designs for each deck.
  • Shiny UV Gloss printing on the SHADOW tuckbox!
  • The Shadow Deck has a bonus 57th card – the final Joker!

302bae2129d9c088411b6f7ffdfc2ba1_original SHADOW GIF spades SHADOW GIF hearts SHADOW GIF diamonds SHADOW GIF clubs Joker 7 - black (Large)