Medieval Playing Cards


Medieval Playing Cards

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Medieval Playing Cards are a fully custom intricately hand-drawn deck with one way courts in the style of the first original playing card decks.

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Inspired by fearless knights, severe lords and gorgeous queens, Medieval is a fully custom hand-drawn deck with one way courts in the original old style of playing card decks. From the card stock to the construction of the tuckbox, Medieval is designed to transport you back in time with a contemporary twist!

Medieval Playing Cards is the original deck created by Egor Klyuchnyk from Anomaly world studio in collaboration with Elephant Playing cards.

These new decks have been created to show all beauty of the Medieval Age and inspired by the great artist – Diego Velásquez. Through this deck we want you to feel this epoch, and experience its elegance and grandeur.

Features of the decks:

  • Printed by Legends Playing Cards Company.
  • Thicker Robusto card stock for a genuine medieval feel.
  • Red wax-style seal.
  • Intricate custom numbered seal on the Limited Gold deck (if unlocked)
  • Authentic out-of-the box tuck flap packaging.
  • Beautiful and Intricate 2-way back design for both decks.
  • Unique coat of arms for each suit- subtle background design.

Note about the out-of-the-box tuck flap

Several people have commented how impractical this will be for continual use – this is not the case! Once the seal is broken and the deck opened, the flap will fold back inside the tuckbox just like a normal deck. It is the same size and will function exactly the same as a normal deck after opening. We have chosen to use this construction method to emulate old-style decks, but with the ability to convert back if you want to. It is unique and looks awesome, but once you open it it will work just like another (but better) deck of cards!