Pipmen Playing Cards Press Release – March 2, 2016

Pipmen Playing Cards Press Release – March 2, 2016

Groundbreaking Pipmen Playing Cards Smash Crowdfunding goal of $20,000 and Revolutionise the Humble Playing Card.


When the team over at Elephant Playing Cards launched their Prism: Night card decks, they pushed industry boundaries by applying the world’s first shiny UV gloss layer to the face of their cards. Now they are back with another groundbreaking creation! Introducing Pipmen.

Since launching on Kickstarter, Pipmen have quickly broken through their funding goal of $20,000 and continue to gain momentum with still 14 days left in its crowdfunding campaign.

Pipmen are transformational playing cards reimagined. Designed to be fun, quirky and visually interesting, the Pipmen playing cards depict classic stickmen figures interacting in incredibly unique ways with each card’s pips (suit symbols). But they didn’t stop there – each court card is asymmetrically illustrated with reversible scenes – so there’re anything but your traditional Jack, King and Queen!

These cards are perfectly suited to anyone interested in playing cards, visual design, or looking for a great gift. As the cards are both works of art and functional game pieces they appeal to all audiences.

Pipmen Playing Cards are “different, original and fresh” says industry reviewer Max Saiz. Pipmen “will not only add fun to the poker nights with friends, but will also entertain all who can enjoy every one of the cards.”

Each Pipmen deck comes with 54 custom playing cards, unique Jokers, Diamond Finishing by LPCC and will be available in 3 different playing decks (Black, Red and Shadow Editions).

Pipmen is a truly unique deck of cards, with very few decks in the world offering unique art on each card, and even fewer using them to create self-contained scenes.

Pipmen Playing Card decks start from just $10 USD on Kickstarter. For more information, and to pre-order Pipmen cards, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/585926215/pipmen-playing-cards-relaunch.

About Elephant Playing Cards.

Elephant Playing Cards (EPC) are a small but passionate team of dedicated designers who’s aim is to bring new and creative playing cards to collectors and players alike. Their first deck ‘Prism: Night’ exemplified this spirit of innovation by incorporating gloss ink onto the card fronts, and tactile layered gloss ink on the tuckbox. Their second project ‘Pipmen’ takes this creative impulse further with a playfully creative set of unique cards. The aim of each of our designs is to be functional, enjoyable and interesting; coveted by professionals and loved by everyone. Read more about Elephant Playing Cards and see their other projects at http://elephantplayingcards.com/